Types of light fixtures that can be used in parking lot lights

LED lights, also going by the term light-emitting diodes, have become the most commonly used types of lights in the market. One of the outstanding reasons for the popularity of this type of lighting is that it is cost-efficient. These type of lightings are also known to use less energy and are eco-friendly. One downside of traditional lighting is that it uses mercury, which, when exposed to the environment, causes harm.

Therefore, the fact that LED does not employ such chemicals makes it eco-friendly. LED lights also last longer compared to their counterparts. For these reasons and several others, LED lights are applied in several areas, including parking lot lights. While installing parking lot lights, LED or otherwise, one main factor to consider is the best fixture options.

What is a fixture?

In lighting, a fixture is an electrical device that is made up of an electric lamp aimed at providing adequate illumination. One of the main elements of a fixture is the fact that it has a body that can hold one or more lamps or bulbs. The fixtures also have sockets where the lamps are fitted. The devices allow for easy installation and replacement of the bulbs. Some fixtures are also hard-wired in place while some are not. Light fixtures also go by the names light fittings and luminaires.

Categories of light fixtures

There are three main categories of light fixtures in the market.

  • Portable

This type of light fixture also goes by the name free-standing. They are fixtures that can be moved from one place to another. Examples of portable light fixtures are table lamps, desk lamps, and floor lamps. The fixtures are ideal for focusing light on a specific location for tasks such as reading. They also help to add both lights as well as visual interest in homes and offices. The fact that they are used while in close proximity means that they should host slightly bright lamps, for health reasons.

  • Fixed

Fixed light fixtures are those that are built-into a location hence cannot be moved or relocated without changing the wiring and using tools. Examples of such fixtures are ceiling dome (both open and closed), recessed lights, surface mounted, and wall lights. Outdoor lights like the parking lot, area, road, building, park, and garden lights apply this type of fixtures because they are durable and stay in place regardless of the elements of the weather.

  • Custom light fixtures

These are fixtures that are specifically designed for specific purposes like background lighting, holiday lights like Christmas, backlights, and accent lights. There is no particular design to this type of fixture since the design changes depending on the purpose. They are, however, an incredible way of making your home or outdoor environment stand out.

Final Word

When switching from conventional parking lot lights to LED parking lot lights, it is essential to consider the type of fixtures needed. You can either choose to install new ones or retrofit the existing ones. Buying a new fixture is more expensive than retrofitting an existing one.

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